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Brooks Elementary School

What does our Museum Magnet program look like?

The Brooks community believes that students learn best in a "hands on, minds on" environment that is engaging, stimulates understanding, and encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning. Our museum’s magnet curriculum has many different components: 

  1. Each grade level uses local museums as resources and for field trip opportunities.

  2. We integrate the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Technology, Science and Media into 9 week units of study designed around an Essential Question, a question that is the over-arching idea of that unit.  Each year one unit will focus on Social Studies, Science, Math or Language Arts.

  3. Paideia, an educational theory which states that learning takes place in 3 parts, is the heart of our instruction.  The first part of Paideia is didactic learning: the reading, researching, lecturing, etc. that takes place in all classrooms. The second part is intellectual coaching where the teacher acts as coach and the student demonstrates what they have learned through a project or product. This project takes place within the school day, not at home as many traditional schools do projects. It is student led and teacher supported, and should have an authentic audience.  An authentic audience is not just the parents of students, but other students and members of the community.  Whenever possible we try to make student work accessible to large audiences.  Many of our projects are posted on the Gallery page. The third part of Paideia is Seminar.  Seminar is like a giant dinner conversation with your family. Students sit in groups of 12-15 and discuss a common text using open ended questions and the teacher as a facilitator. 

  4. Many teachers use Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences which states that all students have different styles of learning. 

  5. We also use Morning Meetings in all classrooms. This technique stresses how important it is for teachers to use the first part of the day to set the mood for success.  Students come from all different walks of life, families and socioeconomic situations; not all of which are healthy. In order for children to be able to learn they need to feel safe. This feeling starts in our school when they reach their classroom door and are greeted by their teacher. During Morning Meeting they are greeting by their peers, participate in a fun activity, share something they consider important, and solve a Language Arts or Math Problem of the day as a group. 


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